Rabu, 13 September 2017

Are you looking for a Child Custody Attorney?

The best resource for parents who are seeking information on a good child custody attorney is to seek references from other people.
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Situations arise where a parent wants to relocate or move away with children. This can significantly affect the non-moving parent’s parenting timeshare, and also increase expenses related to visitation with children. There are two sides to every parental break up. Managing clients and the emotional distress they reasonably suffer is a real challenge. Presenting the best interests of children to the court in a compelling fashion takes skill and experience. When custody and visitation cases must be litigated, Irwin & Irwin manages cases and clients in a mature and appropriate manner.

Important references to obtain on child custody attorneys include:

  1. Asking friends and family members
  2. Seeking advice from court clerks at the court office
  3. Inquiring of other parents, strangers included, who currently have cases at the child support office
  4. The state bar association can pass on referrals
  5. Depending on your state, some courts may maintain a network of attorneys
  6. Child Custody Attorney Interview
  7. It's important for single parents to interview a potential child custody attorney before hiring them. Some questions to ask are surrounding:

Personality and Style - A single parent wants to ensure that an attorney's personality and style matches his or her own. It doesn't have to be exactly the same, but a single parent should find the attorney to be approachable, as there will be a lot of questions along the way.​
Experience with Your Type of Case- A single parent should choose an attorney that has experience handling - and winning - his or her type of case. A single parent should also understand how many hours it may take for their case to be decided.​
Fee Structure - A single parent should inquire into whether the attorney charges on the basis of a retainer or on a per hour basis.​
Free Consultation - A single parent wants to know whether a child custody attorney is willing to provide a free consultation. A free consultation will give a parent an idea of whether he or she will be able to work with the attorney

Jumat, 08 September 2017

End of 2012, Beginning of 2013

As we've wrapped up 2012 and lean into 2013, we want to give you an update on some of the incredible things God has been doing down in the canyon, as well as some of the things He is leading us into this year.  Let's start with the recap:
The new church plant is doing well.  The congregation is growing and a local leader is emerging and being trained.  They are now looking to build a building so they have a place to meet.
A church building in a neighboring village has been completed after several years of work.  The people of that village now have a space that serves both as a worship facility and as a place to store crops and supplies.
The state of Chihuahua has begun building another school building to accommodate additional students.
The local Mexican missionaries have identified a nearby village that may be the next extension of their ministry.
It's amazing to think of all that has happened this year.  And when we think back to where we were on our first trip down, it's nothing short of a miracle.  As recent as six years ago there was no school, no dormitory (or even a foundation), no kids, and saddest of all, no hope.  Today, that area of the canyon is home to a bunch of smiling kids, full of the hope and joy that the Kingdom of God brings.  It is also home to a growing band of disciples with a heart to bring the Kingdom to their people.  Thus, our partnership serves as a dual opportunity to both conform us into the image of Jesus (as those who go are forever changed) and to help them reach every man, woman, and child in the canyon with the Good News of Jesus.  While we don't know all the of the details yet, here are some potential ways in which this may work itself out this year.
Adding on to the dormitory.  Since the state government has decided to build another school building, there is now room for more students - which means a need for more sleeping and storage spaces.
Expanding into a nearby village.  It has long been the goal to use the current location as a springboard into the outlying villages.  Since this school is becoming more stable, we may see a venture into another part of the canyon this year.
Discipleship.  As more people are coming to faith in Jesus, we have increased opportunity for encouragement and edification of our new brothers and sisters in Christ.
Local ministry partnership.  On many of the recent trips we have had opportunity to work alongside our Mexican partners in their long-term efforts to influence culture.  This can include anything from visiting and praying for the sick to taking food to orphans, widows and the sick.
So, this is where we stand; looking back at an amazing year, and looking forward into a year with so many possibilities and opportunities.  What an exciting thing it is to be right in the middle of the mission of God!